Servant Leadership

The term has come to an end and now its time for reflection. To sit and switch off for a couple of days before I head back into the work and crossing off my to do list. Or adding new items to the to do list.

Today was simply to clear my emails that I had put aside- especially the blogs that I need time to read and reflect upon. 
Today whilst reading Dan’s “Leadership Freak” daily blog I came across a new blogger and author. I liked what I read and it did make me stop to think about my leadership style.
The author and blogger- Cheryl Bacheider.
I liked her thoughts about servant leadership. (Needless to say I have now signed up as a follower on her twitter account and receiving her weekly blogs.)

Over the years I have read lots and I know there are many styles of leadership.But the one I seem to relate to the most and feels rights with me.( Plus, over the years I have had it modelled to me-); is the “servant leadership”.

What is servant leadership? I know it sounds different almost a passive in a sense- but it’s not.
To the writers I have read and from my own experience servant leadership is about serving others. 

*being passionate-
*wanting to make a difference-
*all pulling the rope in the same direction 
*being humble
*being transparent in all I do
*saying sorry
*encouraging others to lead and enabling others
*having high standards
*being committed to serve others- parents, staff, BOT, Children, the community
*having courage
*having energy and passion
*having an intolerance to helplessness
*commitment to bring up and discuss tough issues
*being curious
*having a vision and goals- and working with everyone to achieve them
*treating people the way you want to be treated

They say that servant leadership is a commitment to serve others and serve them well. Thinking positively about the people I lead. It’s about believing in the hard work….That I am bringing value to others and their lives.

There’s so much to servant leadership. 

“It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve and to serve first.”
“Great leaders are grace leaders.”