Ok I should write more….why haven’t I?

Yesterday at my final meeting with my appraiser he asked why I hadn’t written on my blog and added new posts. I hadn’t not because I am busy but simply thinking this year I would write in my reflection journal diary about the books I read and how they relate to my leadership journey.

Perhaps though, I should get back to here and write again. I do miss it.

The past few months I have read amazing books. When I say read I do mean listen too. The audio books are becoming my life line and my main learning tool.

I have spent time unpacking Michael Fullan’s book on Change Leadership, read Celia Lashie’s book about growing boys into men (needed this for my own family understanding of my 18 year old son!)
Unpack parts of Tara Mohr book Playing Big. Read Todd Whikater’s  ‘What Great Principals Do’ and discovered the podcast of One leadership with Drew Dudley.

Something that Michael Fullan writes about in his book “Change Leadership” is the Ready, Fire, Aim concept.
It’s ok reading and hearing all of these ideas and great pedagogy- but until you practise it. It’s not worth anything!

And he is right!

Until I put these principles into practise it’s not worth the time spent just reading or listening. I need to be firing….and then come back to the aim in my reflection of what I have done.

I amd glad David suggested for me to come back to my blog. It has made me reflect on what I am reflecting and reading and firing! It was good advice.