New time…new beginning…tech savy

It’s a new year and looking back over 2014…I need to reflect and think about where to next. In a few days I will do that…its hard while my husband is hovering on his only break for the year. I can’t seem to think while he is around!

At the moment I too am taking a few days break before embarking on my annual holiday to do list to get ready again for school.Reflect, review, preview, prepare.

So why blog now? 
Having just read the NZ Principal Magazine this morning Caroline Stewart, N4L, suggests principals  need to remain up to date with technology…not necessary fix technology, or lead with the main responsibility; but be informed and  know about the 21st century learning and what it could mean to schools- their school. 

She also wrote 6 key areas;
1. The new Pond access for teachers- a must to view in 2015- bringing teacher resources together. Something I definitely want our teachers to have a look into.
2. Taking everyday tasks and making them digital e.g. from whiteboard calendars, diaries etc go from paper to digital. Hmmm in my case I want to make our teacher appraisal diaries digital and accessible rather than photocopying off copies….perhaps a blog!
3. Writing the digital world into our vision and strategic goals- I have done that- maybe review!
4. For schools to keep thinking about how digital technology how it can add to the school programme, BYOD?
5. Making sure school policies reflect the digital world we are now living in.

Part of our learning at NVS is to raise student achievement through e-learning/ ICT/ digital technology. Now is a good time to begin. 

by blogging perhaps I too begin to enter the world of being more tech savvy.