It’s taken until the end of term 1 to realise I need to come back and write. To reflect about my learning journey as well as my leadership one.

This year after listening to Robin Sharma, I have been getting up early and carrying out his 20/20/20.
20 minutes of reflecting in a diary, 20 minutes of reading and 20 minutes of exercise. It’s such a great way to start the day so much that when I miss the opportunity due to an event etc, I truly miss it. Already my diary is in the month of September due to the amount of reflection. Plus, for my reading I have fallen in love with podcasts and audio books. I love the 20 minutes of learning!

One of the audio books I listened to in January was “Start with Why” by Simon Sineck. Absolutely recommend it to anyone. The ahh haha moment has only just arrived for me after months of mulling it over and writing up many versions of my passion, my cause and my belief.

Simon writes about Why we do what we do. His golden circle of WHY/ HOW and WHAT, makes so much sense and really helps put things into neat boxes. It’s such a great recipe for leadership and living!

So WHY do I get out of bed every morning and go to school? What is my passion, my cause and my belief that drives what I do?
HOW do I deliver my WHY at school and at home and WHAT is it I do?

My WHY??
I believe in everything I do, I want to make a difference to people’s lives I touch. I believe in faith. I believe in Hope. I believe in Love. I believe in Fun.
I believe in making a difference and leaving heart prints.

My How?
I will do this through strength of character and gentleness of heart.
Through being a leader without a title and practising the principles of IMAGE, SPARK, HUMAN, and SHINE

My What?
I will grow minds, grow hearts and grow spirit.
I will be a servant leader and influence lives of people I lead.
I will help awaken the inner child in everyone and help them to shine.
I will give my best and nothing less.

The spring in my step has changed. When the ahh haha moment came I knew it was me. It was what I believed all along with my leadership role and my role as a mum and as a person.
I have broken down my Faith, Hope, Love and Fun even more. Unpacked it. And its me. truly me!

Simon’s book is great to read….backed up by a podcast on the School of Greatness by Brad Lomenick- finding our purpose.

I feel this has been one of the great awakening moments for me. It simplifies why I do what I do and how I do it. It helps focus my day and the challenges I meet along the way- applying my passion and cause. One of the great leadership activity you can do….so worth it!