My one word INSPIRE

Just read an amazing blog by Jennifer Kloczko. She wrote about using one word. One word that we should use to help keep us focussed and on track for our goals in 2015. She chose the word less. Less stress, less homework etc. What a great thought.

When I think what word would reflect my year ahead. What word would I like to reflect the year as I journey through….inspire.

Inspire my family, my children to be the best they can. Inspire them to aim for their goals. Inspire them to work hard. Inspire them to be the best they can be.Inspire them to lead not follow. Inspire them by listening, by giving of time.

Inspire the staff at school. To work hard, to have fun, to receive feedback and use it it. Inspire them to learn. To move goal posts and forever thinking how they can too become the best.

Inspire the learn, to laugh, to live, to have fun.

Inspire the board to question, to think outside the square, to learn to become better. Inspire them to get to know their school. Inspire them to lead with confidence.

Inspire our families to be involved, to love school, to be part of their children’s learning journey.

Inspire me…through learning, through improving, through reading, through workshops and conferences, to become a great leader, be inspire to listen, be inspired to want to always do my best for the school, for my family. To move goal posts. To “choose to go to the moon” JFK; to blossom and grow as a leader.