John C Maxwell- leadership

I love this book by John C Maxwell. I think I love his voice even more!

What powerful rules to make me stop and think about in my leadership. There are 21 rules he writes about (I am only up to number 8!)

Already though he has me thinking.

law 1- The law of the lid
law 2- The law of influence
law 3- The law of process
law 4- The law of navigation
law 5-The law of addition
law 6- The law of solid ground
law 7- The law of respect
law 8- The law of intuition

Each law he introduces he has a story often of famous leaders to give an example. My heroes are there in his story telling- Mother Teresa, Steve Jobs, Harriet Tubman, Michael Jordan and The story of the Race to the South Pole.

Right now the law that made me stop and think?

All of them. But in particular “The law of Respect.” 
Why? He writes about natural leadership and about those leaders who don’t have natural leadership what they can do to improve. 

Me- I think I am one of those who has to constantly work on my leadership skills. I am not naturally a 10…but I am determined to be a 9.5 through sheer hard work, through constant reflecting and reading, through practise…”the more you grow, the more people you will naturally attract”

I do believe in growing. I want to come to the end of my leadership years knowing I am battered and bruised but how I have loved the ride! I want to become the best I can be -nothing less. (Robin Sharma Leader without a Title). Every day I want to set out knowing I can improve on the day before.And that I am making a difference to the people I lead, the children at the school and the community I serve.

How does John Maxwell suggest we grow in this field?
1. Show respect to all people to all staff…you are not higher than them. 
2. Have courage- even under criticism
3. Be successful- people will follow those who have had success in the field and they want that success in the future.
4. Be loyal to the team. Be in it for the long haul. Put in the long hours. Stick with the team until the job is done.
5.There is always room to grow. Keep learning.

I believe that I need to keep working and giving my absolute best. I need to keep reading to keep learning. To keep improving. I guess that’s why I love Robin Sharma’s podcasts. They speak to this constantly.

I also need to have the mindset that I can’t just read and hear….I need to fire!( Michael Fullan). To go out practise and then evaluate!

Leadership is a wonderful journey. I simply love it. 

“The more you grow, the more you will naturally attract people to follow you.”