Empowering a New BOT

The year is coming to a close and I know this coming week I need to give 2 speeches- one at the year 8 dinner and one at Prize giving. What will I say?? What were the highs of the year what were the lows?

I feel the biggest challenge that I faced this year…and still haven’t quite got there…is having a whole new board. This has been one of the toughest challenges I have faced. I think I have experienced  a multiple of feelings. 

One of the biggest challenges with the new board is having them to trust me; to believe in me and to know why we (NVS) exist.

How have I done? I don’t know. I so miss our old board..and that I need to change. I need to shift my mindset. I had an amazing chair- he believed in me, trusted me, guided me and he loved the staff and the school. The board he had supported him also took guidance from him. I guess in the end he was a true leader.

The board now is different. I can’t expect them to be like the old board. I don’t think I prepared myself nor thought about how I needed to empower them. I assumed  they would naturally fall into place. Carrying on the work and the belief the old board had.

But, they are different, they hold different beliefs and want maybe different things.
It’s up to me to help guide. Rather than feeling stressed (which I do often) I need to be empowering. I need to be speaking more with candor and I need guts to stand up and say things, to question things.

John C Maxwell book has made me stop and think at times how my leadership maybe empowering the new board.

The law of the lid….have I spoken about our vision with them? The potential NVS has and the staff to continue raising achievement standards; continuing innovating so that we are a school that really is living its why.

The law of influence- am I creating positive change in the new board. Can they see my character qualities and what I believe in. The vision we have for the school. The work that is going into preparing the BOT reports so that they are informed. The energy I try and give so they see we are a school that loves kids; look after each other. That the pass successes of the school- where we have been and where we want to go didn’t happen overnight it took hard work on the part of a team to get us there….That when I speak do they listen..or are they still running to the beat of their own drum not the drum of NVS?

The law of navigation….have I expressed this enough?? Some how I don’t think I have. I probably thought once was enough. But maybe I need to speak more clearly and with more courage. 

The law of solid ground- hmm- TRUST. Do the new board TRUST me? Trust the direction of the school? TRUST the staff? I don’t think so…not yet and that is understandable. We are all new and I need to show that I do know. The pass successes to them may not be enough. I guess too- do I trust them- show that I trust them? This law is one of the hardest. Over the past 6 months events have probably shown this is an area we need to work on the most. It’s hard one. Conversation tib bits show that trust is not there. Also, the understanding of the role is not there. Which means as we head into 2017 this is one area I need to work on with the board. TRUST.

How though? That is something I need to figure out over the holidays. I do know the first thing that comes into my mind…I need to speak with more clarity. To question and not be afraid to question. To be knowledgeable on what is management and what is governance and make sure I articulate this clearly. I know too I need to talk about our vision. I need to talk and express about teachers- that my expectations are not a 9- 3pm job for the teachers; that first year teachers need to work hard that is the expectation. That it is about the children- they are the heart of all we do. That we should be all at the beat of NVS drum…not individual drums. HMM lots to work out.

I think also the law of respect is definitely one I need to unpack. I do know the new board chair and myself need to be on the same page in all we do. From behind the scenes to out in the open and at the moment we really need to work on this. I think hurts are creeping in…stopping things from moving forward. Communication is the key and again…I leave things not wanting to upset the apple cart but perhaps I need to have more guts and openly ask questions. This would be more helpful than leaving it and being cross or annoyed!
They say leaders should be readers of situations. I do read situations and unfortunately I am hearing and seeing things I don’t like.

This is good. It means I have work to do- on myself. When looking at the laws here of John Maxwell and also from Robin Sharma’s Lead Without a Title. I need to work on things so that I become a better leader. That I am making a difference and not just in the stands!
I need to work on me and in doing so help empower the board to be effective governors of our school. 

Some thoughts would be…
– speaking with candor
– being authentic in my leadership- this is me
– guts- to speak up
– innovate – keep moving NVS forward into the future
– mastery at being a leader and in this case the CEO of a board
– nurture the relationships of the board chair and myself/ and of the board
– respond not react
– see clearly- make sure I keep stepping back and see how I am doing/ acting…reflect on my role this would help.
– understand where their positions are on things and then help understand how I see things
– make sure we continue with the BOT and staff challenges- why- this is one way we can grow and appreciate each other.
– give kudos when things are going well!
– prioritise- what are our BOT goals for the year and keep focused on those. This will help immensely.

I want to make a difference- and part of making a difference to NVS is empowering the board to become the best they can be. 

I need to lead the way.