Books I have read 2016 and highly recommend!

Robin Sharma, leadership guru, encourages people to get up early and join the 5am club. I haven’t quite made the 5am club- instead the 5.30am club. And I love it!

I can’t imagine starting the day any other way now. The first hour is wonderful. A time to reflect, read, pray and to think about the day ahead. Plus, to walk each morning along the lake front- is a blessing!

Has it made a difference? Yes I think it has! I know it has.

Even now with the holidays, and despite being tired I don’t mind being up. In fact there is nothing worst than sleeping in and missing that first hour of the day.

The first hour was spent in virtues reading, reflecting in my journal, reading or listening to a podcast or audio book and finishing off with a brisk walk in time to get to school.

The books I have listened too were amazing- and highly recommend reading. I would read them again- over and over to gain new information, new learnings- they are so incredibly valuable.

So here’s the list of books I will keep forever to read.

Simon Sinek- Start with Why”– along with his abundance of TED talks and u Tube clips

Robin Sharma- “Lead without a Title”– can read this over and over again- plus his podcast – Robin Sharma Mastery Series

Earl Nightingale- He had a podcast- But a long time ago I listened to a series of tapes by this man. Amazing voice!

Antony Robbins- couldn’t quite get into his books though. But listened to a podcast of him speaking to Lewis Howes and thoroughly enjoyed that along with another podcast of his son speaking- Jarrek Robbins and that was inspirational.

Lisa Nichols- No Matter What”  this was more work on me and strengthening my muscles to help me become a better leader- it did help. I loved the book and her stories. Although the second time round- I didn’t want the stories just the advice or thoughts!

Chris Lee- podcast- an inspirational leader- he did make sense!

Brad Lomenick- “Be Humble, Be Hungry and Always Hustle”– Love this book!!! 

Steve Gutlzer- is an inspirational leader too- I have subscribed to his emails about leadership- and they are very good. Very practical and very reflective!

I downloaded Celia lashlie Book– it was good- did this more to understand Tom at the time. Didn’t influence my leadership….and with Tom I tried not to tell what to do but  more questions instead! Plus, Mums need to get off the bridge and let them go!

Tara Mohr“Playing Big”- Parts of this book I love…The inner mentor, the inner critic, feedback….all spoke to me- really good for female leadership.

Todd Whikkater- “What Great Principals do” Nothing new that I hadn’t stumbled across- just more reminders….plus I did disagree with some of it! 

Michael Fullan“Change Leader”- hard to get into and hear the message- but the message is there if unpacked. But really need to listen. Helpful though- things that I remember- “Ready Fire Aim” analogy. Fat plans vs thin, Learning fair idea. All extremely good. 

John C Maxwell“21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”- AMAZING! definitely worth the money. Every law has made me so far think “OH NO…am I like this…?” Or more like the Dr Seuss Quote comes to mind…”I am, am I?”

John C Maxwell- “Running with Giants”- really good for understanding God and the analogy of running your life with people of great beside you…giving you advice as you run your life.

Rhonda Bryne“The Secret”- more of a personal one….but enough to keep me positive to try and think positive and to live life positively.

There! The books and podcasts from this year. So worth it.

Has it made a difference? Yes, definitely! 

John C Maxwell writes from his book Running with Giants….

“You can’t stay the same and learn at the same time.”