Parent Information

What makes NVS Unique?

Discover the different aspects of what makes Ngakonui Valley School unique. (PDF 1.3MB)

2018 Ngakonui Valley School Information Book

The NVS Information booklet is a comprehensive guide for parents on the day to day running of the school and is updated on a regular basis. If you have any questions not covered in the booklet please do not hesitate to contact us. (PDF 1.7MB)

Canteen Lunches

A variety of food can be purchased from the school canteen on a daily basis.

Hot Lunches

  • Mince Pies $2.50
  • Pizzas $2.50
  • Sausage Rolls $2.00
  • Macaroni Cheese $3.00
  • Chicken Noodles (Cup) $2.50
  • Beef Noodles (Cup) $2.50


  • Calci Chocolate Milk $2.00
  • Calci Strawberry Milk $2.00
  • Juicies $1.50


  • Choc Chip Cookies $1.50